Chapter 2 – Exciting things to come


You’ve just finished reading the first chapter of your book, and it’s introduced the protagonist and given a taste of what is yet to come. Chapter Two is only a page away and you can’t wait to let yourself fall deeper into this story.

Everyone here at Depict Creative (or Team D.C) feels like that at the moment, except we are living our own story. Chapter two is here and we are loving every second of it. Not only are we in our second year of trading and serving a wonderful variety of clients but we are also celebrating the launch of our brand new fully responsive website showcasing some of our work. Wait! There’s more…

Our studio has also been given the once over with a paintbrush and we now get our creative juices flowing in bright and modern surroundings. It’s a little bit cool to say the least. You really should pop in for a chat and we can show you what we have done with the place. Don’t ask for a cup of tea though, we don’t know where the kettle has gone! Never fear… Starbucks is literally 20 meters away from our studio. 

We are genuinely excited about the times to come. Since Depict Creative was born, we have had the pleasure of working on some wonderful projects for our clients. One of our latest projects, a smartphone app developed for QI with Stephen Fry can be found on the app store’s for Google Play and Apple. The QI Klaxon and Buzzers app is quirky and fun, adding value to the brand and creates engagement with it’s fans and you can check it out here.

As we continue our story through chapter Two, we will continue to push our boundaries regardless of project budgets. Be as creative as we can for our clients and make sure they get what they want from a branding agency.

Let’s get cracking!

Team D.C

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