Bring your brand to life with unique content – A Cinemagraph

At some point even the most loyal customer will tire of your brand story. A hard fact to digest but a true one. Great photography is obviously a key player in any content strategy but does it do enough? Existing customers get used to it, potential customers just scroll on past it. Cinemagraphs have the capability to stop people in their tracks with a “Hold on, what did I just see?” moment. A Cinemagraph is a photo video hybrid that adds another dimension to your brand storytelling.


Be the ‘Thumb Stopper’

People scroll through their social media feeds on auto pilot, they see familiar content, status updates and adverts for something they searched for three days ago – ‘Ad Fatigue’ starts to set in. By utilising cinemagraphs into your content planning, you can literally stop thumbs from scrolling on that mobile device. We all know that video and motion is sweeping through social media sites and it’s not just global brands that are seeing rewards with cinemagraphs, even the smallest of businesses are finding ways to make motion work for them.


How can Cinemagraphs work for you?

Cinemagraphs work best peppered with imagination. They can be used for any product, industry, sector or service. When you take a still subject and inject an element of movement, something magical happens. Think of those newspapers that would come alive in the Harry Potter movies. With full HD as minimum video quality and now 4k – the final results look great on any screen. Social media loves cinemagraphs but as well as advertising and cover photos they also work on a number of formats such as websites, digital billboards and Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.

Cinemagraphs can be quick and footage shot on the fly, which is perfect for urban brands with a younger audience. Some campaigns might require a lot of planning, direction and setup, with more detailed editing after the footage has been shot. Either way, with massive impact potential – cinemagraphs are something that shouldn’t be overlooked in a well planned and varied content strategy.

If you would like to explore creating an engaging thumb-stopping cinemagraph, get in touch with our team today and let’s start bringing your brand to life.