Being successful in business means having a big character. Being the one that’s heard, listened to and followed. Well actually no — it doesn’t have to be.

So you have just done something crazy (or liberating) and left the security of a full time job and become self employed. Which is a scary leap of faith in itself but let’s add this into the mix — you’re naturally an introvert. So is it possible to be a success? I say yes because I made that leap myself and I am now running a prosperous design studio.

Who are you calling an introvert?

First of all though let’s clear up a little myth. An introvert isn’t always a shy person or afraid of public speaking. An introvert is someone who can feel drained by a social situation and the stimulation it both requires and produces. Extroverts feed on this setting and becomes their fuel to drives them forward. It doesn’t mean they are better people because they find social settings exhilarating. An introvert focuses more on thought, feeling and mood. Generally many creative thinkers such as the designer, are introverts and they prosper by spending time alone to harness and nurture those creative ideas.

Yet it’s taken all of my years (32 and counting) to realise that my introverted nature is one of my key strengths. I have come to believe that people appreciate this personality too. About ten years ago when I was on the networking scene trying to carve out some business, I told myself I wasn’t feeling nervous or drained by this hubbub of activity around me. I told myself I was the big confident salesman who, at the end of the 60 second elevator pitch, would have the audience eating out of the palm of my hand. I failed. I was the boy in the suit who was quite clearly feeling very uncomfortable and the audience knew it. I began to fear this situation and ultimately myself.

Some of the most famous names on the planet are like me…

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, not in the slightest. Some of the most successful celebrities and people in business are introverts. Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, actress Emma Watson andAlbert Einstein have all been cited with an introverted personality. Sure, I might not earn their millions but if they can be successful with an introvert nature — then so can I.

The positive negative…

I began to bridge the gap between being creative and developing leads and relationships in business? I look at it a different way. There is a high correlation between introverts and creativity. Most people I meet in networking situations have agreed with this and it gave me confidence. I now take positive energy and drive from the fact that people peg me as quiet and shy.They don’t expect me to be the salesman of the year and thattakes away the pressure from business networking and situations. The strongest weapon I have in my sales armoury is my work. It does the talking for me. Combine my passion for the work I create and this means I can talk confidently about my services to anyone.

Sure I know I’ll need to brush up on my networking skills but if people (and that includes you extroverts out there) can appreciate the time and consideration, that us introverts put into what we have to say, then we can create an effective synergy together. I’m not in this business to stand up and push the hard sell or gain that fast buck. I am out to develop strong and lasting relationships. So please, if you ever meet me out and about at a business breakfast or networking event; and you think I’m quiet or I have paused mid sentence for a fraction too long, just give it that little bit longer because; this introvert is probably the designer you have been looking for to harness the potential of your businesses marketing activity or new online presence.

Team D.C

Team D.C

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