The old phrase goes that people buy from people and when it comes to entrusting a branding agency with what is arguably your most valuable asset, it only seems fair that you find out a little bit more about the design team you are working with.

Depict is approaching its second year in business and Nick and Helen Watts (yes, they are married) have been working tirelessly to get Depict off to a flying start.

It’s no easy task running a small business where its main priority is to achieve results for the client. That has to come first above all else. Yet for a small business, as some of you will know and agree with, you have to become an employee in every role necessary. Accounts, administration, receptionist, sales and tea maker! Being focused, staying on the ball and keeping an eye over all these things, is a prerequisite to creating awesome branding and marketing for our clients in the Wolverhampton area. Which is why Helen is such a valuable part of Depict Creative. They say that creatives are messy, unorganised, easily distracted. Those character traits are well and truly missing when we focus the spotlight on our Studio Manager and Designer, Helen – nothing could be further from the truth.

Helen has 9 years design experience, with a background in packaging design. To boot, she has a lifetime of über organisational skills. Logical and thorough in her processes, she keeps a steady ship here at Team DC by keeping on top of day to day office duties. Helen is task focused and always striving to make sure her to do list is ‘done’ on the day it was supposed to be. Although she isn’t seen very often by our clients, her eagle like overview is the reason our work is delivered on time, on budget and that’s what’s important to our clients. She doesn’t just stop at being super efficient though, she’s a crafty sort – in a hands on kind of way – and is obsessed with making hand-stamped personalised jewellery. Just stay out of her way when she has a hammer in her hand!

The other half of Depict Creative is the Creative Director, Nick. After ditching his business studies course in favour of going to Art College, he hasn’t looked back. Whilst his school education saw him achieving average grades (he hated tests and exams); he flourished in project based work at college and then later on, in University, consistently gaining top marks and graduating with a First Class degree. He thrives on projects and creative processes. He’s always wanted to take an official IQ test at Mensa, and now they are a client he has the opportunity to do so but he is convinced he will score a low IQ due to this ‘creative vs logic’ debate that has raged for years. A true stereotype of the left brain right theory, Nick believes that Team DC works so well because the contrast between Helen and himself is perfectly balanced.

Nick may come across as shy. Yet the truth is, a quiet creative has the loudest mind and Nick’s is full of ideas. He absorbs everything around him, he’s a great listener too and that’s perfect for client briefings. He won’t try and give you the razzle dazzle and promise you the earth. He will listen to what you say and with the questions he asks – they are crucial and to the point!

Depict Creative are based in Wolverhampton and we hear a lot of bad press about the City. It’s undeserved. There is a lot of creativity and courage from businesses when it comes to being creative with their brands. It’s that bravery from the client, to push boundaries and create disruption that Nick loves most. Whether it’s a new logo design, brochure design, advertising campaign, or a social media strategy – it doesn’t matter. As long as the client is telling their true story to the customer, doing it with passion and implementing great ideas in their brand, that’s what matters.

Whatever it is that Nick and Helen maybe working on for their clients, they are always seeking out that killer idea. The one that nails the brief and doesn’t just wow the client – it knocks them flat out on the floor.

So there you have it, a brief introduction behind the team at Depict Creative. You can read a little more about Nick here or visit Helen’s profile page here.

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