Our Story

We believe in boundless enthusiasm combined with our experience in creating compelling brand stories for our clients. Telling brand stories for our clients is our passion. We just love telling stories in a visual form. Your business is different from your competitors and your story makes you unique which is why the challenge is always so exciting to us.


We’re all just stories in the end.

Steven Moffat said that. How do you want people to remember you and your business? Creating a brand story is just like writing a tale. You want it to engage the audience – or your customer – in a certain way. You want them to react, to feel and ultimately tell that story to other people. That’s how it’s been done since cavemen could write on walls.

We truly love to work with those who want to tell a story through their brand communications. That’s what we are about. Stories are a depiction of words and images – that’s the reason why we are called Depict. After those words and images, emotion and thought ‘should’ follow. Which can be the hardest part about branding – how to connect with the audience effectively.

People connect with people and from a client’s perspective – when it comes to handling their brand and marketing – they need to have trust and develop a relationship with the guardians of that brand. For an introduction into Team DC read the blog post, check out what inspires Nick or find out something interesting about Helen.


Depict Creative is run by Nick and Helen. With 20 years combined experience offering branding and graphic design services in the West Midlands, they are well equipped to offer a truly inspiring and creative design service to your business. Take some time to read their stories and see what makes them tick.

Helen Watts

Helen keeps everything on track in the office and the projects running smoothly. She’s happiest when scheduling project work in the morning and enjoys a nice cuppa to quench her thirst when she is designing for clients.


Nick Watts

Nick is The Creative Director in the team and his eye for great design and attention to detail is what keeps work looking great and clients happy. A quiet character generally but when he gets going, Oh what stories he can tell.



We are always on the lookout for talented freelance designers and web developers to assist us during busy periods. Send your sublime visuals to us and we’ll keep your details for any possible future projects.

Katie from Virtually Does It said:

Depict understand how important it is for businesses to portray who they are as well as what they do, in order to stand out from the crowd. Not only do Depict understand this but they make it happen; bringing what's in your head and heart to life.

Katie MacDonald, Virtually Does It

Working with us

Our value to you comes from us considering the brief, investigating the problem, talking to your staff and providing a solution that is developed through us working together with you.

We have a great deal of experience in dealing with design problems and coming up with a solution that’s right for your business and budget. We listen to your needs and understand what you are trying to achieve. We believe by understanding you and your market, we can produce the results you are looking for.

We've worked with small businesses, large national organisations and some of the biggest brands in the country. What stays the same is our process in creating the killer solution. It's how we created a smartphone app for a television show brand, a set of brand identity guidelines for a professional football club, a financial annual review or other marketing material; and it's how we can help shape your brand story too.

We'll break our backs for you

Producing the best possible work we can for our clients is paramount. We passionately strive to provide a customer service that shows we really do want your business and keep it! If you need it doing, then we make sure we put the wheels in motion to get the job done on time and on budget. We know how good our clients feel when they are complimented on their new brochure, advertising campaign or website. They know their brand story is being engaged with and are on the right track with their communications.