Earlier last year whilst waiting in the queue at our onsite Starbucks, we starting chatting to a Director from Wow Stuff! A fellow tenant company in the same building as us. Wow Stuff! are in the Toy and Gift industry, carrying an impressive number of the biggest brands seen on high street stores’ shelves.

After a few coffee’s and the discovery that we can produce apps for smartphones and tablets, Wow Stuff! asked if we could create an app for QI – the TV Show with Stephen Fry. Naturally we said yes and thus the story between Wow Stuff! and Depict began. That’s the great thing about being based amongst other businesses in a place like the Wolverhampton Science Park. Exciting collaborations and potential projects could spring up whilst waiting to pay for a winter warming hot chocolate. You meet people from businesses that otherwise you may never cross paths with. A diverse range of industry sectors all operating out of one location give great odds that collaborations will ensue. We created an app for the QI TV show, which was promoted on product packs, adding value to the official gifts that Wow Stuff! are licensed to distribute for the QI brand. Fresh off the back of that project, our collaboration with Wow Stuff! has continued and we are currently working on another Smartphone and Tablet app. Due to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the first half of 2016 – so watch this space or sign up for updates here.

It’s not the first time we have worked with fellow tenants either. Shortly after moving into the building, we created a new Brand Story for another tenant. Carl Burnett, a lighting designer for some of the worlds biggest bands and solo artists. We were like kids in a sweet shop when we saw the backstage passes framed and hanging on his office wall. Designing and controlling lighting shows for the likes of Eminem, Rhianna, The Petshop Boys, Robert Plant and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to name but a tiny few. So with such diversity that flows through the corridors of a place like Wolverhampton Science Park, who could blame us for going back to stand in the queue at Starbucks?

Team D.C

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