Shrewsbury based car mechanics Price Motors have been working with our team to redesign their brand and website www.price-motors.co.uk and we are thrilled to say the site is now up and running.

After assessing their old site through a website critique, it was clear that the story of Price Motors had a lot more potential and a lot more to give to their customers and potential new customers.

We expanded on the very basic information on the old site and created a knowledge centre in the new design. After all, do us non-car-savvy people really know what goes on during a vehicle service, an M.O.T or a Diagnostic Check? Price Motors now explain all of their main services on their website in detail, giving their visitors the insight into how their team operate and how they work to get your vehicle back on the road in the quickest time possible.

The design as you will see is fresh, the tone is friendly and approachable — which is important to some potential customers, especially women — when coming to a typically masculine and all male working environment.

Price Motors Website

So we shall leave you to peruse this new digital story that we have set in motion for Price Motors Shrewsbury. View the website at www.price-motors.co.uk

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Team D.C

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